As a guest of Spring Cottage, I know you’ll have enjoyed the bottle of Yorkshire wine, from Ryedale Vineyards, left out to help you unwind after your journey.

I recently visited to stock up and enjoyed a chat over Yorkshire tea (what else!) with The Fletchers who now run the vineyard.  A chance to find out more about this family business and to take a sneaky peek behind the scenes.

The family took over  the business beginning of 2016.  Eldest son Jon used to work for the previous owners.  They’ve certainly made it their own.  Wines are being renamed and new ones being added.  The family have a fab new website and logo and a fresh approach to the business.

They want to make wine tasting and wine making fun, approachable and unstuffy.  For example the family are naming a new rose wine Rosie, after their Aunt Rosie!   Michelle explained that we all taste wine differently and as long as you like what you’re drinking then that’s all that matters.  This applies to when you’re eating fish and chips or the finest cordon bleu cooking.

It’s clear that there’s no such thing as a typical day.

Anything from harvesting grapes, tractor driving, bottling, bird scaring,  filtering wine, sticking on labels can be on the agenda.

All grapes for all wines are grown on their land at Westow and bottled on site.  Picking, all by hand, usually takes place in October, with a willing bunch of local volunteers. Hard work but it sounded like a lot of fun and just a bit competitive!

Yorkshire wine productionBottling was taking place the day I visited.  The grape juice had been stored in a vat since October.  It’s monitored twice daily and in the winter if it’s too cold the vats are wrapped in an electric blanket!  Each wine is made to a ‘recipe’.   All wines are low in sulphate so don’t give hangovers – a marketing angle if ever there was one!

Ryedale vineyard is on the edge of Malton, Yorkshire’s food capital.

It’s the perfect location for this business. The family have very good relationships with retailers and other food producers.  And their new luxurious B&B rooms are decorated with as many items bought locally as they could.  From shops such as Hare & Wild, The Rusty Fox and Interiors at Nine to Eleven (all in Malton).

The vineyard’s best seller is Taste of Paradise, a dry sparkling fizz.  It definitely stands up to France champagne.  Yes, they even sell it to the French!  It takes 2 years to get this wine ready.   Jon explained “It has a great dry, shortbread(y) taste, perfect for summer, celebrations and just about anything.  We had several bottles with our Christmas lunch”.

I’m  a fan of Wolds View, the wine I leave for my guests.

Apparently it goes really well with cheesy pasta carbonara!  And “it’s perfect with smoked salmon and haddock and chicken Caesar salad”.  “It’s a very simple blend of Ortega and Seyval grapes and that simplicity and perfect blend makes it very versatile.”

Wolds View is shortly to be renamed Yorkshire’s Lad, after Jon.  There are not many people can claim that!

The family have many other exciting plans too, not just producing more wine and doing vineyard tours. For example they’re hosting a star gazing night in June and plans are afoot to turn one of the barns into a cafe.

For more info and to order wine online, visit the website: >>Ryedale Vineyards<<

And here’s one idea I love – making soap from the unused grape pips.  Watch this space!  These soaps may well be coming to Spring Cottage in the near future!

Ryedale vineyard

Michelle and Karen amongst the vines

Michelle has invited me back in the summer to see the vines in full bloom.  I look forward to it.

Thank you The Fletchers for an informative and fun afternoon.



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