Are you looking for a Yorkshire holiday cottage with a private chef?

Then look no further.

I’ve teamed up with Dan Graham from ‘At The Dinner Table’.

Yorkshire Holiday Cottage with a private chefDan, a MasterChef the Professionals runner up, will come and cook just for you!

What a treat!  What a way to add a really special touch to your Yorkshire holiday.

Here’s Dan to explain more about his business and how it would work for you.

I also have a Whitby crab and Yorkshire sweetcorn and burnt butter recipe of Dan’s that you can download.

(Although I can’t promise it will look and taste as good as it would if Dan made it for you!)

Here Dan tells me more about his business:

‘At the Dinner Party’ brings the quality of a restaurant into the comfort of private venues, such as Spring Cottage.
It takes away the stress of getting overdressed or booking taxis or having to choose a designated driver. It creates a more intimate, personal experience.
You can also make big savings on your drinks as you provide your own!
I cook a huge range of different menus and can cater to dietary requirements at a number of different price levels there’s something there for everyone.

How did you first get into cooking, into being a professional foodie?
I started to cook at a young age, well bake mainly. During school summer holidays both my parents worked so I used to go and stay with my gran, she lived in rural Northumberland and we would spend all day outside, we’d go and pick fruit then go home and turn it into crumbles and tarts ready for my grandad coming home for work.

When I got a bit older I took home economics at school and found I had a natural calling for it, after a disappointing results day I then decided to attend catering college where I went from an average school student to be the top in my class at college, seems I found something I was good at. Never looked back from there.
After choosing to pursue it as a career it soon became a love and passion and very much remains so today. In my early days I always want to be a pilot!

I was particularly keen to hear about Dan’s time on MasterChef. He did so well to finish a runner-up.

MasterChef the Professionals was stressful, high pressured, nearly made me cry at times, but at the same time it was amazing. It give me a real sense of achievement, I was proud of the chef I had become, and MasterChef really cemented that feeling within me.
Ultimately it opened up so many doors for my career and I went on to work for Michel Roux Jnr at his 2 Michelin star restaurant Le Gavroche in London

What’s your favourite thing to cook for clients?
It’s hard to say really, I love cooking most things, and being based in North Yorkshire I’m blessed with some of the finest producers and suppliers of all things food.
My most popular dishes are Wensleydale and chive soufflé to start, Roasted Yorkshire Dales lamb rump as a main and apple tart tatin for dessert.

Like most of us, we get home late and just want something to eat. I was interested to know what Dan’s staple meal is, in this situation.

What’s your go to meal when you get home from work and need food?
I generally have loads of free range eggs in the kitchen, so I often knock up a quick cheese omelette. Its super quick and only uses one pan so not too much washing up. HP sauce is my guilty pleasure so it would be served with a dollop of that.

Any tips on how to make that?
Use a non-stick pan, get your oil hot, a 3-egg omelette shouldn’t take any longer than a minute or two. When the egg is added to the pan keep it moving with a fork or spatula until its near set then just give it another 30 seconds and turn it out, omelettes are meant to be served with a little wobble.

What’s your favourite pudding?
My favourite pudding is Apple Tart Tatin, I serve it with a calvados crème fraiche and salted caramel sauce (which I’ve been told I should bottle and sell).

Any recipes you’d like to share?
Here’s one you here you can download for Whitby crab with Yorkshire sweetcorn and burnt butter. Click the image:

Yorkshire Holiday Cottage with a private chef

What about good old Yorkshire puddings. What’s the secret to successful Yorkshires?

Good eggs, a nice hot oven. For me it’s all about the beef dripping, and don’t season them until after they are cooked the salt starts to kill the eggs and will prevent them from rising.

We have a veg patch at Spring Cottage what would you recommend we grow?
I also have a small veg patch at home, personally I like to grow things like rhubarb, berries and apples as I love to make my own jams and chutneys. Also can’t help but grow peas, I love eating peas fresh out of the pod.

We also have herbs in tubs for guests to help themselves too when cooking. Which herbs could you not do without?
Rosemary would be my one that I couldn’t do without, every time I cook or roast a piece of meat I always add rosemary to the pan it just complements so many meats and even fish.

How would it work for my guests at Spring Cottage?

Your guest could contact me via my website, and from there we’d agree a date, then I’d take some brief details of what it is they are looking for then design a menu for them, once all of that is agreed I’d set a time to arrive at the property and I’d cook and serve them there perfect menu, clear away and leave the kitchen sparkling, then I’d be on my way leaving the guest to enjoy the rest of their evening.

It can be as personal or private as they like, some guest enjoy their privacy and just want the food served and for me to disappear, while some guest want to sit and chat about my career and my time on MasterChef etc.

How can we find out more about you?
I have a website << At The Dinner Party >> which has all the information you need, sample menus, recipes, info on lessons, testimonials from other guests. And links to all my social media networks like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.