Here at Spring Cottage I have a passion for Yorkshire products and a passion for all beautiful things.  When these two passions combine I get so excited!

Let’s take the artwork in the lounge as an example.

Having seen the work of Staithes based artist Ian Mitchell online, a visit to his studio was a must.  I knew his modern artwork and colour palette would hang beautifully in Spring Cottage’s lounge and contrast so well with the original features in that room.  I was right!

Here is “Baytown” in situ; Towards Ravenscar hangs on the other wall.

Yorkshire Art


Yorkshire Art

Ian’s studio in Staithes is his creation and thinking space.  It’s a small room on the first floor of an old fisherman’s cottage, with stunning, inspirational views across Staithes harbour and cliffs.

Ian kindly took some time out to answer some questions about his work and his passion.

How would you describe your artwork?

I create limited edition prints of landscapes using the minimal reductive approach of less is more. My unique delineation of the landscape is based on a stripped down, pared back reality and pays homage to the early 20th Century graphic poster designers.

The end results are highly stylised versions of the original place, something that the audience can relate to, but they can put their memories and imagination into the things left out.

Yorkshire Art work

“The Spa Bridge”

How do you find inspiration?

Firstly I walk the landscape and get to know and love a place. I often have to revisit in different light and conditions to get to the real essence of the place. I try to see each place with fresh eyes and I take photographs and very rough sketches. I’m looking for a different viewpoint.

Filey Breakwater by Ian Mitchell

“Filey Breakwater”

How do you go from photograph and rough sketch to your contemporary Yorkshire landscapes?

I start to manipulate the photos, stretching, squeezing, changing to create a rough view that feels just right. For me it’s all about the design and aesthetics, not whether or not it is accurate. I’ll start to draw in a drawing program using a tablet and stylus, this gives me more fluidity and freedom than the mouse. I build up the landscape using vectors, altering things as I progress using the minimum of lines to create paths & shapes which I overlay to arrive at a final layout. Typically, I’ll work in grey scales at this stage as it’s all about the design at this stage.

Once I am happy with this, I’ll then start to assign the colours. Initially with Pantone swatch colours.  I’ll often have a pre-conceived colour scheme for that particular view, which has been collected and built up over my visits.

I could fine tune the artwork indefinitely, but somehow, I often know when to stop.

Towards the Brigg at Filey

“Towards The Brigg” – Filey

Sandsend Beach towards Whitby

“Sandsend Beach Towards Whitby”


Why did you choose this profession?

As we’ve all got to make a living, what better way than doing something you love: walking, drawing and selling. I don’t have a TV, my spare moments are spent drawing, designing or researching; it’s a job, a hobby, my life!

Ian Mitchell’s artwork is available for viewing and purchasing from Prices range from £20 – £450 from A5 open editions to larger scale framed limited editions


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