When we think about booking a holiday we often have reservations don’t we.

We worry about spending our hard earned cash, will it give value for money? Or can we find the time to go?

Forget that! Here’s why you should just go for it and treat yourselves to a holiday!

1. You can always make more money but you can’t get more time

The first question we always ask before booking a holiday is ‘can we afford it?’ Sometimes you have to just seize the moment and go for it. You can always make more money but truly special moments created when you are on a special holiday are few and far between.

We must grab every opportunity to create memories and experience new things with friends and family. For me, this is especially true if you have little ones. They are only little for such a short time. You can either look back in 5 years on all your photos and memories of that holiday you just went for and booked or you can look back and wonder what it would have been like.

treat yourselves to a holiday

2. Work hard, play harder

I run two businesses so I know all about work taking over your life and how hard it can be to find time to book a holiday.

But sometimes you have to step back and look at your work life balance. Are you working to live or living to work? The whole point in working hard is to earn enough money to enjoy life. It is hard to take a break if you are self-employed. It is equally hard to decide when to take your limited holidays when employed by someone else. However, if you don’t take breaks from work and enjoy life you will end up hating the very job that allows you to take lovely little holidays.

treat yourselves to a holiday in Yorkshire

3. Everyone deserves a treat

Whether that treat is because you deserve it or you have a friend or family member who deserves it, be spontaneous and book that little holiday!

It may be for a special birthday or anniversary, as a thank you to someone or just because you are ready for a little get away.  Have you ever been on holiday and regretted it? Have you ever not booked a holiday and regretted it?

treat yourselves to a holiday in Yorkshire

Go for it and treat yourselves to a holiday in Yorkshire!
Why not take a peek at the Spring Cottage Guest Book and find out what the people who treated themselves to a holiday there think!

One thing’s for sure, they have no regrets!

images of Spring Cottage

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