Does your cottage have a log burner?

This is a question I often get asked by guests before they book a holiday to Spring Cottage. My answer is of course an emphatic YES

I’d be so bold as to say, what luxury cottage worth its salt wouldn’t have a log burner?

luxury Yorkshire cottage with log burner

There is no better feeling on a winter break than snuggling up in front of the log burner.  Perhaps it’s something we crave going back to our caveman days or perhaps it’s just something beautiful to look at?

So, knowing everyone loves to light the log burner when they arrive at Spring Cottage in the colder months.  I spoke to our lovely local expert chimney sweep, for his advice on how to set up the log burner to get the best results:

How to set up the fire

  1. Ensure ash is removed (use a poker to push ash into the tray below).
  2. Put the ash on your compost (this doesn’t help the fire but is good for your garden!)
  3. Use newspaper, 4 sheets max. Crumple it tightly into balls and position in the centre of the stove.
  4. Use dry kindling (approx. 5 pieces) and lay in a criss-cross pattern on top of the crumpled newspaper.
  5. Place one larger log and two smaller pieces of wood on top of the kindling.
  6. Open all the vents on the wood burning stove.
  7. Strike a match and light the newspaper.
  8. Close the door and let the flames get to work.
  9. Once the log starts to alight, close the vents to allow the slow-burn effect to take place.
  10. Snuggle up in front of your log burner.

At Spring Cottage, I provide a large basket of logs, kindling, fire-lighters and matches. I want you to stay warm and toasty, but above all to unwind and relax. What better way to do this, than in front a crackling log fire, with a book or a glass of wine in hand.

luxury cottage with wood burning stove


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