When OK will do?

Imagine this – you have decided to treat yourself and your family. You have booked a SPECIAL holiday cottage in Yorkshire; a gorgeous, smarter (and more expensive) place than you’d normally choose.

You have kept it a secret until you are fit to burst and then finally you get to watch your little ones’ excitement as you tell them all about the adventure they are going on. Not to mention the two of you!

Your little ones are excited to explore the quaint cottage, their new room for the week and to find out if there really are fairies and goblins in the country cottage garden.

a special holiday cottage in Yorkshire    luxury cottage in Yorkshire with a garden special holiday cottage in Yorkshire for little ones    special holiday cottage in Yorkshire for children

Whilst they explore and play, you plan to sit in the garden with that book you never seem to get time to read, a glass of sparkling wine in hand and the sunshine on your face.

So, you arrive at the beautiful and tranquil cottage which is even more special and magical than you imagined it would be.

special holiday cottage in Yorkshire

So far, so good!  Except for one thing.

In true British fashion, the weather is wet and miserable. Your little ones don’t want to play in the garden but you still want them to have a fun and you still want to get a chance to read that book (not to mention a chance to sip something fizzy)!

Thank goodness then, that you chose a special holiday cottage for your family holiday!

A special holiday cottage such as Spring Cottage. A special holiday cottage that is full of games, toys, books and dvds to keep the youngsters occupied whatever the weather. And when they’re exhausted and have gone to bed, there are games, (no toys), books and dvds for the adults too!

And it’s one of the many reasons why we recommend and we know our guest choose Spring Cottage as their special holiday cottage in Yorkshire.  If you still need convincing read our Guest Book. It really is worth treating yourself!

book your luxury cottage in yorkshire


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