Looking for the perfect cottage holiday?

Let’s break it down into what’s important, the key ingredients.

And the good news is that you don’t need to be a Master Chef finalist to rustle it up!


1 cup of the perfect location

1-4 lumps of great company

1 tablespoon of luxury

1 pinch of relaxation


Step 1: Take that cup of the perfect location and throw it into your bowl.

If you choose the right location for you and your holiday needs then that’s a big step towards a great holiday.

Spring Cottage has tourist attractions such as Eden Camp, Castle Howard, Flamingo Land virtually on the door step.  You can drive to York, or take the train from Malton as it’s only 20 miles away.  Also location in terms of a quiet village vs a city centre or in the middle of nowhere. It matters to your idea of perfection.

Are you looking for seclusion and privacy?  Then Spring Cottage meets that need.  We’re down a gravel lane, serving only three other cottages.  You get your own parking space and a private garden, backing onto open fields.  Yet you’re not isolated.  You’re in a small, tucked away village, with a village pub.  And the village is only 5 miles to Malton or Pickering.

perfect cottage holiday

Step 2: Decide how many lumps of great company you would like to add into the mix.

We recommend between 1 and 4 at Spring Cottage!  The cottage has two bedroom: a spacious king size and a cosy twin room. The latter just as suitable for adults as it is for juniors.  The window seat in there is a special place to sit and read, with views over the garden and countryside beyond.

lumps c


Step 3: Go ahead and add that tablespoon of luxury!

Why opt for OK, when you can have special?

Spring Cottage is decorated beautifully.  And it’s full of little bits of luxury. From the goodies in the welcome hamper to the soft fluffy bathrobes waiting for you next to the roll top bath.  It’s furnished and styled like a home, not a sterile holiday let.

Aviary Photo_130802519566828552

Step 4: Sprinkle in that pinch of relaxation

Spring Cottage is a home from home meaning you can truly relax. You can enjoy your own time schedule – sleep when you want, explore when you want and most importantly, eat what and when you want. To help you relax, Spring Cottage has a charming cottage garden where you can unwind and enjoy a meal or a glass of wine from the local vineyard. Yes, that’s right, Yorkshire has vineyards!

1 pinch of relaxation

Step 5: Bake your perfect cottage holiday from 3 nights to 1 week and enjoy!

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