From an article in The Telegraph about Britain’s Best Winter Beaches:
“Runswick Bay on the rugged coast of North Yorkshire has been named the country’s top beachcombing beach by Miranda Krestovnikoff, presenter of the BBC series, Coast, and this isn’t surprising. The setting is certainly idyllic: a sweeping cliff-backed sand-and-shingle bay, pock-marked with fossil-filled pools and encircled by brightly painted fishermen’s cottages.
Keen-eyed beachcombers scour the shingle for iron stone, or shiny pieces of jet, polished to a glimmer by the sea. You are more likely to find ammonite fossils, however, with their wonderful patterning resembling tiny headless coiled snakes – as well as interestingly shaped shells.
Heavy rains tend to reveal fossils hidden in the cliff-face, so keep an eye on the scree slopes at the base of the cliffs. The foreshore – among the shingle, rocks and boulders – is also a good hunting ground for these.”
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North Yorkshire's best beaches

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