Here’s how to do (or not do in my case) Flamingo Land with teenagers.

Tips to get the most out of your visit from my 14 year old son and 17 year old daughter. Both have visited Flamingo Land many times and know their stuff!

As you’ll see, I didn’t go into Flamingo Land; I just dropped them off at the gate. Wait til you see what I got up to!

On arrival:

Arrive 15 to 20 mins before the rides open at 10 am. Once you’ve bought your ticket you can head into the park.

Plan your day:

Head to the back of Flamingo Land, towards Kumali and join the queue as early as you can. To avoid the rush.

You can’t miss Kumali. It’s that massive blue and yellow structure in the background:

Kumali and Flamingo Land with teenagers

While in the queue consult your map and plan your next move. Also take a look at the shows taking place that day. The Sea Lion Show at 2pm, was their chosen show. And it’s always a good one. You can then plan the rest of your day around this.

The rides:

Mumbo Jumbo was the biggest queue by far (and apparently not the best ride). It used to hold the world record for the steepest drop.

Queue jumpers are available at an extra cost but not really necessary. My teens managed very well with their ride quota, even during the summer holidays:

Mumbo Jumbo x 1

Kumali x 4

Velocity x 5

Flip Flop x 5

These are the 4 most popular white knuckle rides.

To eat:

The Jolly Sailor is recommended for lunch. Serving quality fish and chips (you’d expect nothing else with the coast only being 20 miles away).  Or you could leave Flamingo Land, get your hand stamped and head back to Spring Cottage quickly, as it’s only 2 miles away. Or take a picnic.

At the end of the day:

The park’s summer closing time is 6 but I got a call at 5.30 asking to pick them up. They were exhausted after all that excitement and rushing around.  And the wifi at Spring Cottage beckoned!

So that was Flamingo Land with teenagers!

And here’s a snap shot of my day:

I headed to Botham’s bakery in Pickering for my absolute favourite fondant fancy. Enjoyed it with a cuppa in the cottage garden.  Then headed to Malton for a mooch around the shops and a spot of lunch in Cafe 46 in Malton’s market place. Here’s a snapshot of my delightful, relaxing day:

alternative to Flamingo Land with teenagers    malton instead of Flamingo Land with teenagers

I do like Flamingo Land, the zoo’s great.  And when the kiddies were little I delighted in taking them on the children’s rides. But now, the white knuckle rides – they’re on their own!

Do you prefer my teenagers’ day out, or mine?

If you’d like to follow in either of our footsteps and stay in a cottage close to Flamingo Land, then may I suggest <<Spring  Cottage>>

Close as in 2 miles away, but a million miles away when it comes to peace and tranquility!

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